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Women's Fertility Wellness Genetic Report

Women's Fertility Wellness Genetic Report

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Based on Genetics, Designed to Improve Outcomes.

Is your body ready for conception? There are many factors that go into a successful pregnancy. For the first time, with a two-minute at-home kit, we can look at over 100 genes to determine if you are predisposed to health conditions that can be disruptive along your path to parenthood.

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What to expect:

You will receive a report on how your DNA influences six key micronutrients as it relates to your ability to reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease, insulin resistance, and improve your chance of conceiving. We provide advice on which nutrient dense foods you could implement in your diet while also taking into account lactose or gluten intolerance. You will also get access to the FertilityAnswers app to ask unlimited questions of the world’s best fertility experts (free to you forever) and a year’s worth of fertility insights as you journey towards parenthood. 

  • Genetic risk for conditions that can complicate your ability to conceive like insulin resistance, hypertension and more; 
  • Metabolism report for how well the body responds to the micronutrients you need to conceive; 
  • Fertility boosting food lists to improve your chance for fertility success; 
  • What we don't do is diagnose any condition or disease, including infertility.